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Volunteering at Scouts is changing to help us reach more young people

Volunteering is changing to help us reach more young people

Volunteering is changing at Scouts. Read more

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District Commissioner Induction

Materials to support District Commissioners through their induction

Firstly a massive warm welcome to you in your new role!  The District Commissioner is key to Scouting working well locally. We hope you’ll enjoy every minute, and feel proud knowing that you’re changing lives and creating opportunities for more young people and adults in your community.   This page is full of tips and information, start by watching the Introduction Video from Carl Hankinson, UK Chief Volunteer.

We have created an induction package designed to give you the best possible start in your role leading your District. This takes around six months and consists of five distinct elements to support you as you embark on your journey.  The five elements are:  

  • For DCs in England, three online personal engagements with a Growth and Recruitment Officer from the Growth & Communities Team
  • A rolling programme of four optional, interactive, online workshops. 
  • DC Support Day, run twice a year, online and face to face at Gilwell Park. Click here for more details.
  • Induction Checklist and Knowledge Checker to help you identify the support you need and where to find it. Click here to download the checklist.
  • For DCs in England, an opportunity to join a cohort of newly appointed DCs facilitated by the Growth & Communities Team, to offer peer support and networking. 

There is also the website which contains all the information you may need in your role as District Commissioner. 

These resources are designed to complement the Leadership and Management training.  

For support with using our adult member management system, check out the Compass Support Site. To get support completing a disclosure application in Atlantic data, look at the Disclosures section of the Compass Support Site. If you want help with Online Scout Manager (If your District uses it) check out the help section on OSM once you've logged in.  

Reviewing and Recruiting 

Positive and regular reviews can create a happy and effective team. You have the opportunity in your first six months to review all of the District team, regardless of their review date if you wish. This will help you ensure everyone is in the right role to work with you to take the District forward. More information is on the review pages and join the workshop to find out more.  

Trustee Boards 

The District Trustee Board plays a vital role in the running of a Scout District. Trustee Boards make decisions and carry out administrative tasks to ensure that the best quality Scouting can be delivered to young people in the District. 

Read more about the District Trustee Board and how to recruit new Trustees.

You can also view our governance support webinars.

Safeguarding and Safety 

Keeping everyone safe is fundamental to what we do. No matter what challenges we face, it’s the one area which we will never compromise on. We are proud to say that safety of young people and volunteers is at the heart of our culture. As DC you are responsible for Safeguarding and Safety across the District.

We also have District Commissioner Induction Safety Workshops, run by HQ Safety Team. The workshops will explore your role and responsibilities as a District Commissioner for managing safety. We will look at the safety policy, practical tips for how you put into practice your responsibilities and well as where to go for help and support. Sign up to a workshop here.

Join the Commissioners Safeguarding Training for Managers, more information here

Managing issues and situations   

You may face issues that others will look to you, as their line manager, to sort out. Thankfully we have lots of guidance and procedures to help you overcome difficulties and deal with complaints. Check out Scouts' Complaints Policy to find out more. 

Delivering a quality programme   

An amazing programme is key to the success of any District and is the foundation for retaining and recruiting volunteers and young people. For help and support in developing a quality programme, take a look at our guidance on delivering a quality programme

Tools to support your induction

Programme development toolkit

Use our programme development toolkit to assess different areas of your programme offering and receive further. And don't forget the Programme Planning Tool.

Induction Workshops

We’re running a series of four workshops a term to complement your induction. Each workshop will go into more detail on your role as leader of the District, your team, reviews and the volunteer experience. 

Join a workshop

Induction Checklist and Knowledge Checker

Use this self-service checklist to confirm what you know and identify areas where you might need more support.

Check your knowledge

Development Planning

Find out how development planning provides direction and ensures more young people have access to Scouts

Check out the support available

Following rules and policy

Stay up to date on our rules and key policies.

Find out more about policy

Diversity and Inclusion

Scouts is an inclusive, values based movement and membership is open to all those who share our fundamental values.

Including everyone

Growing Scouting

Explore our tools to help you recruit more volunteers, get more young people involved, start a new section and celebrate success.

Explore the tools

Visits Abroad

Going abroad with Scouting is often a lot easier than people think.  Check out our processes and rules to help you plan international experiences.

Check out our process

GSL Induction Support

Support your new GSLs to get to grips with their role using our support materials.

Discover our tools

DESC Induction Support

Support your DESC with our induction support tools.

Find DESC support tools