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Scouts’ Complaints Policy

The purpose of this document is to give guidance to managers and supporters who are required to deal with complaints which have been received about Scouts.

Scout Values

In line with its values, The Scouts recognises its responsibility to deal fairly, constructively and consistently with expressions of concern or dissatisfaction from members and nonmembers, including parents and carers on behalf of themselves or their children.

As Scouts we’re guided by the values of integrity, respect, care, belief and co-operation.

When applying this policy, these values should be at the forefront of every interaction and decision that’s made, and all involved should be regularly reminded of them.

Focusing on the values of respect and care, the wellbeing and mental health of all involved when dealing with an expression of concern or dissatisfaction should be considered throughout. The ‘Supporting the wellbeing and mental health when a concern is raised’ webpage. 

If you’re an individual who wishes to make a complaint about Scouts, you should go to the making a complaint about scouting page.

Dealing with complaints

Where an individual has raised a concern or several concerns which, individually or collectively, could be classified under more than one of the Scouts’ policies, it may be decided to consider them all under the same policy. Scouts has complete discretion to decide under which of its policies a concern should be considered and their decision in relation to this is final.


Collection of statistical data

Upon completion of a complaint or an appeal the appropriate manager must provide (within 14 days) the information requested on the Complaints statistics report.