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Manage and govern

Recruiting and managing volunteers

You don’t need to be Bear Grylls. You don’t even need to know how to put up a tent. Our door is open, so here’s how to walk on through.

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Executive Committees

Each Group, District and County/Area has an Executive Committee that acts as its board of trustees. The documents in this section contain support and guidance for Executive Committees.

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National Board of Trustees

The Board manages the business of The Scout Association in accordance with the Royal Charter and the Bye-laws of the Association. It is the Association's national decision making body. Its members are the Trustees of the Association.

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Grants and funds for your local group

Whether you want to take your Scouts on an adventure, or need to do repairs on the Scout hut, there could be funding available to you.

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Data protection and record mangagement

Here you will find details on everything you need to know about GDPR and what records you must keep.

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Finances and Insurance

This section covers types of insurance available, details on Scout group bank accounts, including VAT, accounting and reporting requirements. As well as Gift Aid FAQs. 

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Your Scout building

We provide guidance on managing your Scout building, including advice on building insurance, maintenance, safety and sponsorship. 

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Training and support

Looking for support in training your volunteers? We outline how you can provide training for all our amazing volunteers.

Discover the training for your volunteers >
Legal Services

The following pages provide information about the Legal Services Department for UK Headquarters and The Scout Association Trust Corporation.

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Dealing with complaints

The purpose of this document is to give guidance to managers and supporters who are required to deal with complaints which have been received about Scouts.

Read the guidance for managers and supporters >
Running large events

Planning a large event? Read our guidance on adventurous activities that involves 100 or more people and the steps you need to take.

Read our guidance on events >

The Scouts carry out an annual census to create a detailed picture of the young people and adults that make up our membership.

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Local media and member communications

Information and resources for campaigning, media development and communicating with members through printed and online media.

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Membership Count

This year Scouts are to carry out a membership count to measure our current youth membership.

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