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Volunteering at Scouts is changing to help us reach more young people

Volunteering is changing to help us reach more young people

Volunteering is changing at Scouts. Read more

Discover what this means

Recruitment toolkit

All our adult recruitment tools and resources at your fingertips

Four week challenge

The Four Week Challenge is a gradual introduction to Scouts to show new volunteers how much fun it can be.

Learn about the four-week challenge

Four step challenge

A commitment free try-before-you-buy for new volunteers, focusing on non programme delivery roles beyond the sections.

Use the four-step challenge

Adult rotas

Get everyone involved, joining in the fun and helping out at sessions by creating an adult rota.

Create an adult rota

Adult surveys

Adult surveys are a quick and easy way for you to identify the skills that're available to you through the connections in your Group. 

Hold an adult survey

Adult talks

Getting a bunch of adults in a room and talking to them about the fun we have at Scouts, can be all you need to do to get them on your team.

Host an adult talk

Open events

Show new young people and adults what Scouts is all about with an open event. Combined with an adult talk and a skills survey, this can be a great recruitment tool.

Run an open event

First impressions

The first impression a new volunteer has is key to keeping them long-term. If you can master this step, you'll have happier volunteers, for longer.

Make the right impression

Uniformed Youth Fund Waiting Lists Grant

If you're opening a new Scout Troop or Explorer Unit you could be eligible for up to £3,500 from the Uniformed Youth Fund.

Find out if you're eligible

Parent helper to front and centre

Having helpers coming along every-now-and-then is great, but how can you convert them from being a helper to taking the lead? Have a look at our hints and tips to help them take a step-up.

Convert your helpers

Recruiting trustees

Take a look at our resources to help you reach out to potential trustees, provide information about what trustees do, and welcome new trustees to your Executive Committee.

Recruit new trustees

Recruiting managers

Great managers aren't always easy to find, but check out our search tips to help you find one of the best!

Search for managers

Recruiting students

Is your group in a student area? Students can be a great addition to your team. Check out our guide to successful student recruitment.

Find local students

Recruiting Youth Commissioners

Youth Commissioners are key to making sure Scouts remains youth shaped, so use our step-by-step approach to find one for your area.

Find your next Youth Commissioner

Advertising vacancies

Discover our guidance to help you  attract new volunteers. From vacancy boards and social media posts, to volunteering websites and so much more! 

Spread the word

Group get-togethers

Hosting a get-together is a great way to get your existing parents and carers and local people through the door, and turn them into volunteers!

Bring everyone together

Family camps

If you keep adult recruitment in mind from the get-go, you can use a family camp to encourage parents and carers to volunteer.

Recruit at family camps

Working with businesses

Whether it’s to gain new volunteers, help support a session, or to attract sponsorship and fundraising, we've created a guide to help you work with local businesses.

Work with your local businesses

Name generation methods

Looking for a more specific role to be filled, but it's difficult to work out who to ask. Generating a list of names of people can help you find the right person.

Make a list

Finding volunteers for Explorers

Keeping your young people at the heart of your recruitment is essential. As Explorers, they can really help you to recruit for their section and you could involve them in finding new volunteers.

Recruit new Explorer volunteers

Development planning

Development planning should provide direction and make sure the existing provision is high-quality and sustainable, so Scouts can be provided to even more young people.

Plan for the future

First conversations

If you can master those first conversations, you'll be able to give a new volunteer a warm welcome and get them off to a great start on their journey with Scouts.   

Talk to new volunteers