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Family camps

A brilliant way for the whole family to give Scouts a go

What’s it all about?

Inviting family members to come along to your camps is a great way to showcase what we do – potentially bringing more adults onboard, and encouraging those who already help out once in a while to step it up a notch.

How does it work?

Did you know 45% of new section leaders are family members of existing or prospective youth members? If you’re looking to grow your group fast, targeting family members is one of the most effective ways to focus your energy. 

Before the event: 

  • Speak to as many family members as you can. 
  • Think about the tasks that need to be done, like cooking, admin or taking photos. Decide on and communicate these ahead of time. 
  • Provide a kit list in advance. 
  • Allocate tasks based on people’s skill-sets and interests, asking them what they’d like to do outright. If they don’t know, go for something you think they might enjoy.
  • Remember: all adults attending the event will need to a valid DBS check, meaning they’ll need to have signed up in enough time for this to have been completed and returned. They’ll also need to be covered by your insurance at an appropriate level, and should be given a copy of the Yellow and Green card. 

During the event:

  • Introduce and involve your parent volunteers from the get go.
  • Planning to do an opening ceremony or group tradition? Teach it to everyone first, so no one’s left out.
  • Give everyone a name badge – and consider giving out neckers – so everyone feels part of the team. 
  • Link new adults up with a buddy to help them learn the ropes. 
  • Be careful how you talk – avoiding Scout jargon, like acronyms, which new adults won’t understand.
  • Make sure adults are enjoying their tasks and be flexible if not, allowing them to try something else. 
  • Remember to stay positive, have fun and enjoy yourself!

After the event: 

  • Allocate someone positive and confident to talk to people about their experience and explain how they can get involved on a more regular basis. 
  • If an adult is unsure about joining, offer them the chance to try out the four week challenge to learn more about Scouts. 
  • Say thank you. For an extra special touch, you could present people with a card or gift made by the young people, or a photograph from the camp. Or say it simply with an email or text. 
  • Follow up with anyone who showed an interest shortly after camp.