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Growth & Communities Team

Our Growth & Communities Team supports volunteers to grow and develop Scouts locally. We work with existing and new volunteers to enable more young people to benefit from the opportunities, skills and adventures which Scouts offers.

Our teams are experts in inclusive growth. They can support local Scouting to:
  • Recruit and retain volunteers
  • Support communities to open new sections and groups
  • Ensure the sustainability and help to re-energise existing sections
  • Induct and welcome key line managers
We regularly update the information, advice and resources available on the Growing Scouts pages and provide tailored local support via the support options below. Click the links to read more about the support on offer or get in touch with your nation's team below to find out about further support available near you. If in doubt, get in touch and one of our team will get back to you.


What support is available to you?

All of our Workshops, Peer2Peer Support Groups, and online tools and resources are available to volunteers across the UK. If you're looking for more localised support, please use the links below to get in touch with your closest Scouts team.
Peer2Peer Support Groups
Online opportunities to meet with volunteers facing similar challenges and a member of our team. Meet monthly, ask questions, get advice and share experiences.
Find out more about Peer2Peer >
Volunteer Recruitment Workshops
Learn how to recruit from the comfort of your home - or request an in-person workshop in your District or County. 
Sign up for a Workshop >
Direct Support

Hands on support from a member of our team to help you re-energise an existing section or establish a new section.

Find out more and request a project >
Development Planning

Check out our Development Planning guidance and resources, then get in touch if you need some support creating a development plan or planning a development event.

Look at our ideas to prepare for change >
Lead Volunteer Inductions

Take a look at our induction packages for Group, District, and County Lead Volunteers

Check the induction resources >
Funded Growth Projects
All the details that you and your Trustees need to know to make choices about funding development staff, employed on your behalf by Scouts.
Find out more about funded projects >