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Volunteering at Scouts is changing to help us reach more young people

Volunteering is changing to help us reach more young people

Volunteering is changing at Scouts. Read more

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Funded Growth Projects

All the details that you and your Trustees need to know to make choices about funding development staff, employed on your behalf by Scouts.

Our Funded Growth Projects are partnerships between Counties/Districts and the UKHQ Growth & Communities Team. We work together to achieve local growth and development goals, in line with the current strategic objectives. These projects are typically funded by Counties/Districts, external funders, or a mix of the two.
By dedicating resources to a Funded Growth Project, Counties
and Districts can support our shared vision of providing more opportunities for young people to get involved in Scouts.
There are a range of models which are designed to support new groups and sections, work with existing groups to increase capacity, recruit new adults, engage with under-represented communities, and in some cases supporting manager inductions.
Costs will be subject to the length of the project and staffing model chosen.
Projects can be funded in a variety of ways, including self-funding from County and Districts, legacy funds, external (i.e., trusts and foundations, local council, the National Lottery), UKHQ funds, or a combination of the above.
For more information, please complete this form to contact your Local Growth Operations Manager who will be able to take your details and requirements and provide you with an estimated cost.
The Growth & Communities Team supports volunteers to grow and develop Scouts locally. We work with existing and new volunteers to enable more young people to benefit from the opportunities, skills and adventures which Scouts offers.
Working with us you will have the chance to make a real difference in the communities in which you volunteer. We work directly with local volunteer teams to instigate, support, and deliver growth and development projects across England. We are also a valuable link to opportunities to engage and interact with the wider UKHQ team.
The key to success within our team is our ability to work together, engage, and develop collaborative partnerships with volunteers. Working together to help young people gain #SkillsForLife.
  • Dedicated support from the Growth & Communities Team who have extensive experience and success working locally to design and deliver a range of focused growth projects.
  • Whilst funded projects should mirror the wider Scouts strategic growth objectives, they can be tailored to meet specific local needs and requirements.
  • Projects can be designed around the unique circumstances and resources of your area, whether that be an individual or staff team for one or a number of years.
  • The project is managed by a dedicated line manager within the Growth & Communities Team.
  • Projects will enable greater capacity for growth alongside your current volunteer team.
  • Growth will create more places for young people and reduce joining lists.
Each project is different and will have its own unique set of aims and objectives. Projects can incorporate the different elements listed below. You could include just some or all of these, alongside any localised objectives.
Throughout the year, Counties have been working with the Growth & Communities Team, data from the annual Census, and mapped data from the Office of National Statistics, to create plans which help identify opportunities for growth. Your project could be based on one of these Growth Action Plans.
  • Inclusive growth - Supporting you to extend your reach into underrepresented communities to help you be more reflective of local demographics.
  • Supporting existing sections - Working with existing groups to be more sustainable, this could be achieved by enhancing your programme or supporting adult/youth recruitment.
  • Opening new sections - Support to identify and open new Groups/Sections/Units across your area. New sections can help with long waiting lists and create Scouting opportunities in areas where Scouting doesn’t exist.
  • Volunteer recruitment - Recruit new adult volunteers and upskill existing volunteers with recruitment techniques through face-to-face or online workshops.
  • Lead Volunteer inductions - Support the induction of Lead Volunteers as required by your project through 1-2-1 meetings, whether face-to-face or online.
Scouts will provide support for:
  • Day to day line management
  • All recruitment and onboarding
  • Ongoing support by the Growth & Communities Team
  • Role specific training by the Growth & Communities Team
  • Learning supported by Scouts Learning and Development Team
  • HR and management of holidays, sickness etc
  • Managed payroll and pensions
  • Performance management
  • An aligned focused for inclusive growth
  • Accountability against objectives in conjunction with the project working group
  • Increased flexibility and capacity, can work during times that as a volunteer you may not be available
  • Specifically cover your geographical area
  • Depending on budget and project, can offer solutions to provide direct support and specific focus
  • Partnership led projects supported and run by Scouts and local steering groups (volunteers)
  • Project management and planning
  • Supply of kit and equipment for the role – IT/technology and home office set-up
"Without you and your role in planning, coordinating and driving the events things would not have progressed to this point by now, I am sure. Especially as at this time we don’t have a GSL in place, you have been invaluable in ensuring the coordination of DBS and other requirements for our new leaders and volunteers. And the fact that you have fitted in so well into our Moon Meadow ‘family’ has been fantastic, when you have been with us you have got stuck in and helped with all the tasks, activities and games.” Lead Volunteer - Mersey Weaver Scouts
"You have been really easy to communicate with, flexible and willing to work to our specific requirements, which has been amazing! We have also had a few frank conversations over some issues and points and I really appreciate that we have learnt together how we might do things differently next time. On behalf of everyone at 12th Widnes I would like to thank you, please know you are welcome back with us any time! In true Scouting tradition: “B.R.A.V.O.” Lead Volunteer - Mersey Weaver Scouts
“Having a Funded project within Essex has enabled us to reach those communities which our Volunteers have not had the capacity to do and start new Sections in those areas where they are most needed" County Lead Volunteer - Essex Scouts
“Having Elizabeth’s Growth and Development support locally has ensured projects could build on best practice and have a more positive initial impact. Local volunteers have been able to focus on their core skills – programme and working with young people and volunteers – whilst critical areas which are more difficult to achieve in District are completed effectively, particularly: engaging with the wider community, meeting with organisations during work hours, facilitating meetings and promoting and administrating events. This has resulted in a more successful impact when starting new provision, translating into a more stable group setup during its formative period. We’ve also been really grateful for the ongoing support the group receives and an efficient handover strategy.” Lead Volunteer – Central Yorkshire Scouts
"We would not have had the Growth they have over the last three years without the projects support" Chair, Board of Trustees - Avon Scouts

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What support is available near you?

All of our Workshops, Peer2Peer Support Groups, and online tools and resources are available to volunteers across the UK. If you're looking for support with a Funded Growth Project outside of England, please use the links below to get in touch with your closest Scouts team.

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