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Make a great first impression

It's time to welcome new volunteers with open arms and show them what Scouts is all about

Welcome parents and carers

Whenever a new young person joins the group: 

  • Talk to and involve family from the get-go
  • Hand out a welcome pack
  • Make sure they know how to contact you with any questions
  • Keep communications open
  • Use family rotas to help everyone feel involved and part of the team
  • Host Group Get togethers to showcase all the benefits of volunteering

Master those early conversations

A great initial chat with new and potential volunteers can be a game-changer: 

  • Make time to chat to anyone who's interested in joining
  • Use our conversation framework to build relationships from day one
  • Email a link to our Welcome to Scouts webpage – packed with information about who we are, what we do and the training we offer, it'll help new volunteers feel empowered and in control of their journey

Make Scouts more visible in your community

To boost your local connections and make a great impression where you live: 

  • Make sure your meeting place has an up-to-date sign with contact details visible (templates are available from the Brand Centre)
  • Put up a vacancy board letting people know about the tasks you need help with and the people you're looking for – you could even place this in local communal hotspots, like coffee shops and bars, local shops, schools, leisure centres or places of worship, to name a few
  • Join in with community events and invite locals to yours
  • Consider local fundraising opportunities – could you raise money both for your group and to help the wider community? 
  • Get in touch with local businesses and see what support they can offer – they may be in a position to make donations, offer equipment or even point you in the direction of some new volunteers
three young scouts laughing inside a building full of people

Spruce up your space

Use the visibility tick list below to make sure people can find you, and the venue tick list to help them feel at home when they do