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Grants and funds for your local group

Whether you want to take your Scouts away for a new outdoor adventure, or simply need to do some repairs on the Scout Hut, there's probably a grant or foundation you can apply to for support.

Applying for funding may seem daunting, but it's not really. The main thing is to be really clear about what you're asking for. Most trusts or foundations will only give funds for specific projects. We've put together some top tips on making your funding applications go as smoothly as possible.

COVID-19 response funding

There are now a number of alternative funding packages that youth organisations may now be eligible for. Each package aims to support these organisations throughout the coronavirus pandemic.

Potential funding for Local Scouting.


Gift Aid FAQs

Gift Aid is a fantastic tool for Scouts to raise vital funds. Read our FAQ guide to find out everything you need to know and download the latest Gift Aid declaration form today.

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Recovery Fund 2022

The Recovery Fund offers financial assistance to groups and units with limited affordability and to those formed since the 2020 census.

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Grants from UK Headquarters

We're fortunate to have received a number of donations from individuals and organisations to give back locally. These donations are for those who need financial support with Scouting and cover a range of activities.

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Activities you can get funded

Trusts and foundations can be a great source of funds for Scouts at all levels. They can contribute towards the cost of unit equipment, trips, hut refurbishment and access projects.

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Grants between Counties, Districts and Groups

Advice for Counties and Districts who want to provide financial support to their groups, and how groups can make a case for support.

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Where to apply for funding externally

Many trusts and foundations are focused on particular geographical areas, so you’re very likely to find trusts dedicated to your region/city/county/town/village.

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Working with corporate and local businesses

Top tips for working with local organisations to bring in funding for your project.

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Scouts Grant Committee

Here at Scouts, we have our own grants as well, donated from from individuals and organisations to give back locally.

Learn more about the committee >
Fundraising Support

From Crowdfunding, fundraising and Gift Aid - there are lots of ways to get more funding for your group.

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Writing a great funding application

The key to getting your funding is to write a great application. We've got lots of tips and ideas that will give you the best chance possible of writing a great application for your group.

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