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Working with corporates and local businesses

Corporate organisations and local businesses can be a fantastic source of funding

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Corporate organisations and local businesses can be a fantastic source of funding. Many businesses owners are extremely generous, and welcome the opportunity to give something back to the local community through providing funding. Many bigger organisations also have corporate social responsibility objectives to support the local community, and by providing funds to local Scout groups, this meets those objectives.

 You can often apply for grants through funding opportunities which are advertised by the organisations. Alternatively, you could approach the business owner to discuss whether they would be willing to provide any funding.

Could the partner support us nationally?

If the partner that you are working with has the potential to support Scouting on a national basis, and you think there may be an opportunity for The Scouts to receive funding from the organisation, then please get in touch with the Partnerships team who may be able to support you.

Get in touch at or give us a call on 020 8498 5409.

Available funding

It can be tricky to know where to look when you are planning on applying for funding, so we have pulled together a few ideas for where you might want to look.

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Writing a funding application

We’ve pulled together the most common questions from our experience working with trusts and foundations, and given some tips on how best to answer them.

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