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Grants from UK Headquarters

Funding opportunities

Scouts are very fortunate to have received a number of donations from individuals and organisations to give back locally. These donations are for those who need financial support with Scouting and cover a range of activities.

Funding for specific areas

General notes about UK Headquarters Grants

  • The majority of grants are provided on a matched funding basis (i.e. the recipient must usually make a financial contribution alongside the awarded grant).
  • Applications for activity which has already taken place are never accepted. All applications must be received a minimum of four weeks prior to the event or need, three months for International events.
  • Some limits/restrictions are determined by external funders. Others are set by the Scout Grants Committee to ensure the process is fair and that funds do not run out.
  • Grants must be paid into charity bank accounts and not individuals.
  • Applicants, if eligible, can apply for one grant from each fund per year. Additional applications for the same fund will not be accepted within one year.

We require information and evidence relating to applicant accounts in most cases. We will not fund groups/units etc who are in a position to support themselves. Please read the Scouts Grant Committee reserves policy for full details.

How to apply for a grant from UK Headquarters

Before applying to the Scout Grants Committee for funding, think about these questions

Discover the steps you need to take

Scouts Grants Committee

A group of national volunteers who support the management of the grants provided to local Scouts.

Learn more about the committee

Advice and support

For further advice on Headquarters Funds and Grants or the Scout Grants Committee, please contact the team at Headquarters.

Email the grants team