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Outdoor Adventure Fund

Making outdoor adventure affordable and accessible with grants of up to £500.

Last updated: 29 November 2023

This funding is to help sections with the cost of making outdoor adventures beyond a local camp more affordable and accessible.

Applicant - The person or unit of local Scouting to whom or which the grant is allocated for undertaking the project.

Application - The details submitted in the application form and any associated documents or information.

Contact - The person submitting the application.

Funding Period - The project duration plus 12 months.

Grant - The sum of money awarded through the grant scheme.

Grant Offer - The email or letter that confirms the details and conditions of the grant.

Grant Report - A brief report submitted upon completion of the project to tell us how the grant was used.

Grant Scheme - The programme through which financial support is awarded for an agreed purpose.

Local Contribution - The sum of money contributed by the applicant themselves or to the applicant from unrestricted or designated funds belonging to local Scouting.

Local Scouting - A Group (including associated Sections), District, County, Area, Region, or Branch of Scouting in the United Kingdom or British Scouting Overseas, sometimes referred to as a 'unit'.

Project - The tasks, activities, services, or other purposes for which the grant is provided. 

Project Duration - The time during which our funding is active, starting when we approve the grant and ending when we approve the grant report.

We/us/our - The Scout Association.

This grant scheme provides funding towards the cost of outdoor adventures beyond the usual programme and where disadvantaged or young people in hardship are supported. Some examples include: 

  • Climbing a natural rock face after a series of local indoor and outdoor training sessions
  • White water rafting at a professional course
  • A trip or camp aimed at young people who couldn't usually afford or access it.

Grant applications can be made for one project. A project constitutes any costs or requirements related to one activity.

Example 1: A trip specifically to climb a natural rock face would be considered one project.

Example 2: Trying a new activity like mountain boarding one week and gliding the week after would be considered two projects.

Example 3: Paying for specialised transport or equipment to allow disadvantaged young people to get outdoors would be considered one project.

Any unit of Local Scouting or an informal group of young people is eligible to receive this grant.

Applications must be submitted by an appropriate volunteer on behalf of the applicant.

Applicants can receive one grant per funding period.

The maximum grant amount is lower of £500 or 50% of the project costs.

Example 1: Project costs £500.  Maximum grant would be £250.​ 

Example 2: Project costs £300.  Maximum grant would be £150.

Example 3: Project costs £1,200. Maximum grant would be £500.

There is no maximum project cost.

Applicants may be offered less than the maximum grant amount.

All conditions of any relevant previous grants must be completed.

Applications for grants from UK Headquarters must have the relevant approvals: 

  • Applications from groups (including sections) must have the approval of the Group Chair and the District Commissioner.
  • Applications from districts (including explorer units) must have the approval of the District Chair and the County Commissioner.
  • Applications from counties, areas, regions, branches, active support units must have the approval of the Chair and lead or appropriate Commissioner.

Where one of the roles named above is vacant, approval should be sought from the relevant acting volunteer as per POR 16.6.

Grants must be paid into a Scouting bank account. This doesn't have to be the Applicant's.

Projects must be completed within 6 months of grant approval.

A brief report about how the grant was used will be due upon completion of the project.

Grants can be used solely for the project they were applied for. Should changes to the project be required, our approval must be obtained in writing before they occur.

An appropriate volunteer should submit an application, which asks for details about the:

  • Applicant
  • Project
  • Scouting bank account

You'll need to upload:

  • Written proof of project costs
  • Written proof of Chair and Commissioner approvals
  • An unredacted bank statement in PDF format dated within the past three months, clearly showing the following information:
    • Name of bank or building society
    • Name on account
    • Sort code
    • Account number


This scheme is wholly funded by our partnership with Dacia. Changes to the Grant Scheme's purpose, limits, and restrictions may be made at any time.

This grant is available only through Scouts. Please do not apply to Dacia directly.