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International Fund for Non-UKC Events

Last updated: 18 May 2023

  • Eligibility criteria:
    • A local contribution is now required
    • The project budget must now be submitted
    • Accounts are no longer required
  • New application form

Scouts has two funds to help support members in a position of financial hardship to take part in international experiences. This fund is for members taking part in experiences that are not UK Contingent events. 

Funding limits and conditions:

The maximum grant amount is however much Local Scouting is contributing to the applicant's costs up to the lower of £500 or 50% of the project costs. You may be offered less than the maximum grant.

Example 1: Applicant must pay £1,200. 50% of project costs = £600. Local Scouting is contributing £300. Max grant from this Fund would be £300.​ 

Example 2: Applicant must pay £1,200. 50% of project costs = £600. Local Scouting is contributing £700. This Fund would not award a grant.

Example 3: Applicant must pay £1,200. 50% of project costs = £600. Local Scouting is not contributing. This Fund would not award a grant.

Applications cannot subsidise a whole international activity, and can only be awarded to those participants who have been named on the application form and for whom evidence has been submitted.

An application must be made for each person being supported.

Payment must be made to a Scouts account rather than to individuals.

The amount being contributed by Local Scouting will be considered.

Headquarters International Fund

These funds support adults and young people in positions of financial hardship to travel abroad and access activities that support the global programme.

The fund can support the following activities:

  • international experiences abroad
  • national jamborees abroad
  • the hosting of foreign Scouts in the UK
  • exchange visits
  • Explorer Belt Expedition/Award
  • Scouts of the World Award
  • community development projects
  • personal development of a young person

We will not fund individual experiences outside of Scouts or support members who are not part of the UK Scout Association. 

We will not fund non-Scouts experiences and experiences as part of a UK Contingent (ie World Scout Jamboree, Moot and Roverway) these are instead funded through the UK Contingent Grants. Please visit this page for support for UK contingent events.

Adults and young people must be able to demonstrate to the party leader that they are in financial hardship. 

Evidence requirements for this fund:

  • How much Local Scouting is contributing to the applicant's costs
  • Visits abroad form
  • Budget for the project 
  • The cost to the applicant

Before you apply:

  • Groups/units/districts etc who have the funding available should support their members with costs in the first instance. 
  • Ensure you have spoken to the parent or leader who is struggling to cover the costs of the activity and that they understand how the funding will support them.
  • Review appropriate evidence

To Apply Complete This Form

  • Applications must be submitted at least 28 days before your project is due to start
  • We'll respond to applicants within 14 days

Apply for this grant

Submit one application for each person in need.

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