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After spending time finding the right role for a new or existing volunteer, the first few months are crucial. Making sure that they are supported and can become effective in their role as quickly as possible is key to keeping them motivated and involved.

What is induction?

Induction is the next step after someone says yes. It's about:

•    providing information
•    meeting people
•    having a go.

Many people who get involved in Scouting leave after just a short while, for a variety of reasons from not having a chance to do anything, not being sure exactly what is expected of them, not feeling valued, to being left without any support.

A good way of overcoming some of these difficulties, and encouraging people to stay involved with Scouting for longer is to plan an induction period for new volunteers.

Key Line Manager induction

Resources, tools and tips to support new Group Scout Leaders and District commissioners through their first year in post

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