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Recruiting and managing volunteers

You don’t need to be Bear Grylls. You don’t even need to know how to put up a tent. Our door is open, so here’s how to walk on through.


Whether you’re the peace-keeper, the big-thinker, the motivator or the tea-maker, leadership is all about setting a positive influence for those looking your way.

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Manager Induction

If you're a new Group Scout Leader or District Commissioner. Look no further to find the resources and information you need to navigate the first few months in your new role.

Read the info for key line manager induction


We have created a bank of resources to make recruiting adults as easy as possible. Follow our six steps for simple adult recruitment.


Read the resources related to recruiting and retaining volunteers

Tools for managing volunteers

Check out our tools for managing volunteers.

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Management best practices

Our volunteers should be having just as much fun as the kids – but it’s only possible with the right kind of support.


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The adult appointment process begins when an adult decides they would like to volunteer as a member of the Scouts.These pages outline the process for an adult to become a member of the Scouts.

Learn about the process of appointing

Role descriptions

Role descriptions are designed to help you in the process of recruiting adults.

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At times it may be necessary to suspend an adult’s involvement in the Movement.

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Scout Active Support

Scout Active Support allows people to give their time to Scouting on a flexible basis. People can still be involved in Scouting without the full-time commitment of being a leader.

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