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Awards and recognition

Recognising achievements and thanking volunteers for their contribution to Scouts

An introduction to our awards

It’s so important that we thank and recognise our fellow Scouts for their incredible service. These are the shining lights who make Scouts possible. 

Read a message from Chief Scout Bear Grylls

Good Service awards

At the Scouts we want to thank our volunteers for their contribution. Find out more about Good Service award criteria and making nominations.

Learn more about the Good Service Awards

Meritorious Conduct and Gallantry awards

Nominating individuals for Meritorious Conduct, Gallantry, Cornwell Scout Badge and Chief Scout's Personal Awards.

Learn more about nominating

Length of Service awards

Length of Service awards are just one way the Chief Scout shows gratitude for this service at 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 40, 50, 60 and 70 year intervals. 

Learn more about these awards

Commissioner's Commendation

A local award that can be used by commissioners to recognise individuals (youth members, volunteers and non-members) for their contribution to the Scouts.

Find out more on giving an award

National honours

National honours are awarded on merit, for exceptional achievement or commitment to service to Britain.

Discover more about national honours

Awards Advisory Groups

How local Awards Advisory Groups can help ensure individuals are recognised.

Learn more about Awards Advisory Groups

Award timelines and process

Learn more about the process and timelines when making nominations.

Discover the timelines for each award

Wood Badge

Since September 1919, volunteers in the Scouts have been awarded the Wood Badge once they have completed their leader training.

Discover more about Wood Badges

Previous recipients

Discover a full list of the roll of honours since the year 2000.

See the previous award recipients

Citation masterclass

It's vital that citations include all relevant information so an informed decisions can be made on awards.

Learn how to write a great citation

Thanks Badge

A way to show appreciation to non members or associate members.

Thanking others

Celebrating success

There are several ready to use resources to thank our amazing volunteers and celebrate their day-to-day achievements. 

Discover resources to celebrate success

Award certificate designs

Learn how the Scouts award certificates have changed in the past few years.

Explore the design

Feedback on our awards

Let us know the things we're doing well as well as ideas on possible improvements we may be able to make in the future.

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