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Meritorious Conduct and Gallantry Awards

Nominating individuals for Meritorious Conduct, Gallantry, Cornwell Scout Badge and Chief Scout's Personal Awards.

Nominate youth/adult members and associate members (as determined by POR Chapter 16 Roles Table) as well as Occasional and other Helpers for these awards using the Meritorious Conduct, Gallantry, Cornwell Scout Badge & Chief Scouts Personal Award nomination form.

If the nomination form doesn’t seem ‘normal’ when you open it, Click ‘VIEW’ then ‘Edit Document’. Also, if you feel the necessity to print the form, the first page is a full colour page, so you may wish to only print from page two onwards.

Nominations should be timely, reflect the facts, include evidence of eyewitnesses where possible and if relevant, a report from the emergency services. If more than one person is involved in a situation, individual nominations should be made, indicating the specific involvement of each person. Where relevant, written statements from medical specialists should be included.

When the nomination form has the correct local support, send it to the UK Headquarters Awards Team for processing.

Awards are made by the Chief Scout in consultation with the National Awards Advisory Group.

Meritorious Conduct awards

These awards are for those who have conducted themselves with a high degree of courage, endurance, initiative or dedication to the Scouts, often through difficulties, without necessarily involving any element of risk.

Bar to Meritorious Conduct awards may be granted for additional acts.

Commissioners are also encouraged to make Meritorious Conduct nominations for individuals who’ve suffered from COVID-19 but have striven to continue to contribute to the work of the Scouts while ill and recovering. Remember, this award is not just for being ill – it’s for doing superb work for the Scouts despite being ill.

Gallantry awards

These awards are considered where an individual has put their own life at risk, whilst undertaking a meritorious act.

Bar to Gallantry awards may be granted for additional acts.

Other awards

Retrospective Youth Awards - Compass Upload

The Retrospective Youth Awards - Compass Upload form can be used by any adult members who achieved a Meritorious Conduct, Gallantry, Cornwell Scout Badge or Chief Scout's Personal Awards as a Youth Member and would now like the award added to their Compass profile

Award holders can complete the form themselves or someone else can do it on their behalf but evidence of the award e.g. a copy of the certificate, will be required.


Those under 25 who are recipients of a Meritorious Conduct/Gallantry award or the Cornwell Scout Badge are eligible for a grant from the Cornwell Memorial Fund. This fund was set up in memory of Jack Cornwell, V.C., and is available for award recipients to undertake an activity of their choice to celebrate their award as part of their Group/Unit.

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Deadlines and processing by UK Headquarters

Meritorious Conduct, Gallantry, Cornwell Scout Badge and Chief Scouts Personal Award deadlines and what happens with nominations once submitted to UK Headquarters.

See the deadlines

Buying additional awards

If you have an award and would like an additional cloth badge, brooch or medal, they can be bought from Scout Stores. You'll need to provide your membership number so we can ensure you are eligible to purchase the item.

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Duplicate certificates

Ask for a replacement by filling in the Duplicate certificate request form.

You will need to provide the following details:

  • Membership number
  • Full name
  • Type of award
  • Location of award
  • Date of award
  • Reason for duplicate request
  • Delivery name and address
Request a certificate