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Review Process

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Most people work better if they have, from time to time, the opportunity to discuss how they are doing and where they are going.


A review in Scouting is simply an opportunity to look at what has happened since someone started their role, or since their last review, and to see what further support and guidance they might need. It should not be confused with the performance appraisals that many people have experienced at work. Reviews can be both formal and informal, depending on what stage an individual is at in the course of their appointment.

An informal review is held at least annually, to build on the chats you have during the year. It's a chance to take stock and plan for the future.

A formal review takes place at the end of an appointment, and an agreement is made over whether the individual’s appointment should be renewed, whether they should apply to take on a different role, or whether they will retire from Scouting.

The review consists of a meeting between the individual and their line manager, in comfortable surroundings, and discussing now the period since the last review has gone for them. The benefits are that the team is more motivated, and the manager knows more about how the individuals in the team feel and their views on the future. It helps us in making sure that people are in the right roles, both for themselves and for Scouting, leading to happier leaders and so better Scouting delivered for our young people to enjoy.

We are collecting examples of good review resources that people are using locally. If you would like to share yours, please email

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Cancellation or suspension

Sometimes an adult's membership of the Movement will need to be cancelled or suspended.

Read the suspension information