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Volunteering at Scouts is changing to help us reach more young people

Volunteering is changing to help us reach more young people

Volunteering is changing at Scouts. Read more

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Group Scout Leader Induction

Materials to support Group Scout Leaders through their induction

Congratulations on your new and exciting role. The Group Scout Leader's role is all about providing direction and support in order to develop your group and ensure its sustainability.  We hope you’ll enjoy every minute, and feel proud knowing that you’re changing lives and creating opportunities for more young people and adults in your community.  

Managing and supporting Scouting can be challenging at times, so we've developed an induction package consisting of three separate elements to help you get to grips with the role. The three elements are:

  • Receiving support locally utilising the downloadable induction checklist
  • Support given through the Scouts website such as safeguarding, safety, governance, and programme
  • A rolling programme of six interactive online workshops 

These resources are designed to complement the Getting started training modules and wood badge training.  

For support with using our adult member management system, check out the Compass Support Site. To get support completing a disclosure application in Atlantic data, look at the Disclosures section of the Compass Support Site. If you want help with Online Scout Manager (if your district uses it) check out the help section on OSM once you've logged in.  

Delivering a quality programme  

An amazing programme is key to the success of any Group and is the foundation for retaining and recruiting volunteers and young people. For help and support in developing a quality programme, contact your Assistant District Commissioners or take a look at our guidance on delivering a quality programme.   

Managing issues and situations  

You may face issues that others will look to you, as their line manager, to sort out. Thankfully we have lots of guidance and procedures to help you overcome difficulties and deal with complaints. Check out Scouts' Complaints Policy to find out more.

Young Leaders

You may have Young Leaders who volunteer in your Group. They are a valuable asset to any section, bringing energy and fresh ideas to the team. Find out more about supporting Young Leaders on our Young Leaders Scheme page.

Tools to support your induction

Quality Programme Checkers for each section:

Don't forget to use the programme planning tool.

Useful resources

Induction Workshops

We’re running six workshops throughout the year to complement your induction. Each workshop will go into more detail on your role managing the group, your team, reviews, development, recruitment and the volunteer journey.  

Join a workshop

Development Planning

Find out how development planning provides direction and ensures more young people have access to Scouts

Find development planning support

Running things locally

Find support and guidance on everything from the Census, Trustee Boards, grants, data protection, dealing with complaints and much more.

Read the guidance

The Review Process

Reviews are a great way to understand what your volunteers enjoy doing, what they're happy to continue with and what needs to change.

Complete your reviews

Following rules and policy

Stay up to date on our rules and key policies.

Find out more about policy

Growing Scouting

Explore our tools to help you recruit more volunteers, get more young people involved, start a new section and celebrate success.

Explore the tools

Growth & Communities Team

The Growth & Communities Team are the Scouts field-based staff team that provide direct support to Scouting across England.

Find growth support