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Group Scout Leader Induction

Materials to support Group Scout Leaders through their induction

Congratulations on your new and exciting role. Being a Group Scout Leader is essential to making Scouts bigger and betterWe hope you’ll enjoy every minute, and feel proud knowing that you’re changing lives and giving more young people in your community the opportunities and skills they need to thrive.  

Managing and supporting Scouting can be challenging at times, so we have pulled together some materials to help you get to grips with the role. You’ll also receive support locally; your District Commissioner will ensure you have a Training Adviser and may also buddy you up with a fellow GSL for support.  

These resources are designed to complement the Getting started training modules and wood badge training.  

Role of the Group Scout Leader 

In this video we unpick the role of the Group Scout Leader and consider the core skills you’ll need to deploy in managing the Group.  

Video content correct at time of recording, Check POR for updates.


Managing your team 

Take a look at the structure of the Group and the support processes in place to support your leadership teams.   


Young Leaders  

You may have young leaders who volunteer in your Group, they are a valuable asset to any section, bringing energy and fresh ideas to the team. Find out more about involving and support your young Leaders 

Managing issues and situations 

You may face issues that others will look to you, as their line manager, to sort out. Thankfully we have lots of guidance and procedures to help you overcome difficulties and deal with complaints. Read the guidance.

Delivering a quality programme 

An amazing programme is key to the success of any Group and is the foundation for retaining and recruiting volunteers and young people. For help and support in developing a quality programme contact your Assistant District Commissioners or take a look at our guidance on delivering a quality programme.

Managing growth 

We explore the tools available to help you grow your Group. The tools outline in this video can also help you with retaining members and recruit new volunteers. Head over to the Growing Scouts webpages where we’ve also adapted the tools for use online and at a social distance.  


Development Planning 

step-by-step guide to planning and implementing change using the Development Planning Toolkit.  

  Tools to support your induction

Running things locally

Find support and guidance on everything from the Census, Executive Committees, Grants, Data protection, Dealing with complaints and much more.

Read the guidance

Following rules and policy

Stay up to date on our rules and key policies.

Read more

Growing Scouting

Explore our tools to help you recruit more volunteers, get more young people involved, start a new section and celebrate success.

Explore the tools

Regional services team

The Regional Services Team (RST) are the Scouts field based staff team that provide direct support to Scouting across England.

Check out the support available