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Role descriptions

Role descriptions are designed to help you in the process of recruiting adults.

You should read the role descriptions as part of the six steps of recruitment, initially in step one to help you decide the tasks you need doing, and then in steps five and six in discussion with the individual you've asked as your 'best choice'.

They are designed to be simple to use, with space available to write in 'specific' or local responsibilities, helping you and the individual to know and understand their role before they agree to take the role on. They aren't a prescriptive list, but an outline of the main tasks. You can add or remove tasks, depending on what you agree with the individual concerned.

We are collecting examples of good role descriptions you are using locally. If you would like to share yours please email

Agreeing a role

When an adult takes on a new role in Scouting, it is important to agree both what the adult will do for Scouting and what Scouting will do for them. This is known as 'mutual agreement' or 'agreeing the role'.

Training requirements by role

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National Board of Trustees

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Executive Committee Roles

There are a number of key roles within the Executive Committee.

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County/Area Roles

There are a number of volunteer roles available at a County/Area level.

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Adult roles in training

There are a number of adult roles in training, both on a county level and more locally.

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Group Roles

Within the Scout Sections, there are a number of adult leadership roles, with associated support roles.

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District Roles

There are a number of volunteer roles available at a District level.

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Scout Active Support Volunteer Roles

These volunteer roles are instrumental in the setup and running of a Scout Active Support Unit.

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DofE Volunteer Roles

We need volunteers to help Young People to complete their DofE.

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Scout Network Roles

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