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Volunteering at Scouts is changing to help us reach more young people

Volunteering is changing to help us reach more young people

Volunteering is changing at Scouts. Read more

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The process and planning for your trip

Over 11,000 Scouts travel abroad from the United Kingdom each year to take part in camps, international events, exchanges, tours and expeditions.

Some of these Scouts travel with commercial travel companies, or as part of a package organised by a Scout County, District or Group.

This can be particularly valuable to groups venturing abroad for the first time, as the organisers of the package undertake most of the detailed planning and arrangements, including perhaps optional activities, excursions or other programme content.

Thinking of going abroad

You may be considering taking a group of young people abroad, but are unsure of exactly what is involved in organising a trip.

Why are you thinking of going abroad? Before planning your trip you need to be clear of the purpose of your visit. What will the group gain from the experience? How can you involve your young people in the planning of the trip?

Visits Abroad with Scouting

POR Rule 9.3 covers going on a Visit’s Abroad with Scouting and outlines a process to follow which applies to both trips with young people and adult only trips through Scouting.

If you're planning a trip for Beavers and Cubs then Colony and Pack Visits Abroad has a lot of helpful information that will aid with the planning.

There are lots of people with international Scouting experience to guide and support you on your journey if you have any concerns of questions. These include: 

ACCI (or Equivalent) supports you through your visit abroad process, ensuring you have everything in place and making sure it gets approved by the relevant Commissioner. They can also notify Scouts in your host country that you’ll be arriving and issue you with a letter of introduction.

Headquarters: receive your visit abroad notification from your ACCI after it has been approved by the relevant Commissioner. This ensures headquarters know where UK Scouts are in the world and can offer support and assistance if needed.

Relevant Commissioner: approves your visit abroad, confirming that it's planned in line with TSA rules and guidance.

International opportunities is a list of international Scout camps, events and expeditions happening all over the world which you could consider taking a group of young people to. This is updated bi-monthly.

The Visits Abroad Process

There is a very clear rule and process to follow and lots of people with international Scouting experience to guide you on your journey.

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Activities to prepare for visits abroad

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Overseas travel packages

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