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Managers and Supporters training

All Manager and Supporter appointments are required to complete the Manager and Supporter training scheme. All volunteers in Manager or Supporter roles must complete the validation criteria under the new Managers and Supporters Training in order to gain their Wood Badge. Modules completed under the previous training scheme for Managers and Supporters can be used to validate certain criteria as part of the new scheme (see FAQs).

Resources for the Managers and Supporters Training

Independent Learning

The following independent learning units are available as part of the Leadership and Management Training.

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Skills Courses

There are three skills courses as part of the Leadership and Management Training:

  • Skills of Management
  • Achieving Growth
  • Meeting the Challenges
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

More information about the new training provision for Managers and Supporters, as well as guidance on the transition to the new scheme can be found in these country-specific Managers and Supporters Training FAQs:

Additional guidance about how the new training modules will be displayed on Compass can be found on the Compass Support website.

External Recognition

One of the principles of The Scout Association's Adult Training Scheme is that our training equips volunteers with a wide range of transferable skills and areas of knowledge. As such, much of the training you undertake in Scouting can count towards an externally recognised award.

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