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Module K- First Aid

Module K- First Aid

This module aims to ensure that ESYLs have the understanding and skills to take action in an emergency situation. Training in emergency response is becoming an essential requirement for many jobs and courses. These skills are invaluable for ESYLs. That’s why training in emergency aid is part of the Scheme. Given the wide availability of training courses in first and emergency aid, ESYLs complete this module by attending a recognised training course.


The objectives of this module are that of the course undertaken or the qualification obtained (see below)
Explorer Scout Young Leaders need to do one of these to complete this module:

  • attend a First Response course
  • gain Stage 4 of the Emergency Aid Staged Activity Badge
  • gain the Lifesaver Activity Badge for the Explorer Scout section
  • gain any other equivalent qualification in agreement with the Explorer Scout Leader (Young Leader)

Conclusion of Module K

Remind your young people to fill in their ESYL logbook to show they have completed this module.