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Module B - Taking the lead

Module B - Taking the lead

Below are optional activities for running this module. However, it's important to run activities and methods that best suit your ESYLs, ensuring you fulfil the aim and objectives of the modules.

ESYLs need to develop a variety of skills, including leadership. To be an effective leader, young people must recognise which style, or combination of styles, is appropriate for each activity.


This module aims to introduce you to the different concepts of leadership. It will teach you how to adapt your style so you can most effectively lead different kinds of activities.


By the end of this module, you'll:

  • have the confidence to take on a leadership role within your chosen section
  • be able to run programme activities that are appropriate for your role
  • recognise different leadership styles and understand when each should be used to best effect
  • recognise how different styles of leadership impact an activity
  • understand the need for evaluation, and know how to implement the process as necessary


You'll need:

Start this session by introducing the module and what the aim and objectives are. Talk about why it's important to understand that we all have naturally different, equally valuable leadership styles. That’s why we have teams of people. We all do things differently, and leadership is a skill everyone can develop with practice. As individuals, ESYLs will soon discover what works for them and what does not.

Pitch your President (suitable for groups of all sizes, approx. 20 minutes)

  1. Explain to ESYLs that they are going to hold an election for President of the World.
  2. Everyone has a chance to pitch for the role. Individually, they should think about who in the group would be a good leader.
  3. Once everyone has decided, each ESYL should pitch their argument to the group, explaining why they think their candidate would make a great leader. Which positive
    qualities do they possess?
  4. Once everyone had their say, ESYLs should vote for their favourite candidate, and discuss the outcome as a group. Did they reach a consensus?