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Module I - What did they say?

Module I - What did they say?

(Links to Module A and C)

Below are optional activities for running this module. However, it's important to run activities and methods that best suit your ESYLs, ensuring you fulfil the aim and objectives of the modules. Listening to young people of all ages and understanding their point of view is an essential part of good programme planning and section leadership. Young people should never feel that their views are ignored and should be actively involved in planning the programme.


This module aims to make you aware of the importance of listening to the views of young people. It gives an overview of how to bring their ideas to life, how to adapt their ideas where necessary, and how to and involve them in the planning of their programme.


By the end of this module, you'll be able to:

  • understand why it's important to get feedback and input from young people in the section
  • list different ways you can gather ideas and feedback within your section
  • explain how you can bring your section’s ideas to life and make adaptations where necessary


You'll need:

  • Youth Shaped programme examples
  • plain paper
  • pens
  • small box


Start the session by introducing the module and its aims and objectives.

  1. Ask ESYLs if they were involved in the planning of their programme:
  • How were they asked?
  • Do they think they were listened to?
  • Do they think it's important to ask young people what they think?
  • What are the positives and negatives of asking young people? Is it appropriate for all sections?

     2. Initiate a discussion about why it's important to practice Youth Shaped  Scouting. What are the benefits of young people feeling empowered to plan their programme?

Conclusion of Module I

Summarise the module by revisiting the objectives. Ask the ESYLs whether they feel they have covered all of the objectives satisfactorily. Before they go, carry out a review or an evaluation of the session.