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It's vital that the risk assessment process is appreciated by those who manage the premises and have a legal responsibility for its user’s safety. This is likely to be the Group, District or County Executive committee even if the premises are a campsite and there is a separate management committee to look after the day to day operations. They may also have repairing responsibilities under lease or insurance agreements that need to be kept up and reviewed.

It's good practice for Executive Committees to establish a system to enable Leaders or other users to report any problems with premises that they may come across during their regular use of it. This might just be a log book kept at the HQ that someone checks regularly or, for more urgent repairs, the appropriate contact details.

The different types of premises most commonly found in Scouting are:

  •  Group, District or County/ Area headquarters

  • Meeting places hired from a church or local authority

  • Group, District or County/Area Campsites