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There is a requirement in law, relating to any nondomestic premises, to identify and record whether a premises contains asbestos and to manage any risk from this material.

Refer to Managing Asbestos guidance, where there is also an example Asbestos Management Plan.

If you have the Freehold or Leasehold responsibility for the premises or are responsible for its maintenance, you will need to ensure any asbestos is properly managed as above.

Don’t Panic! But it is important to ensure that any work carried out on the property is managed to allow for any asbestos that might be present. If you rent the use of a meeting place – such as a village, church or school hall – then ensure that your landlord has this in place and ask to see a copy so that the Scouting activity can take place without increasing the risk. It might simply be to know that you can’t pin things on the wall. It is good to know what to do in the event of a piece of asbestos cement roof panel or pipe lagging getting broken by a football.

Managing Asbestos Guidance

Read the guidance