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Managing a safe Scout premises

General Information

This guidance takes you through a selection of common areas requiring safety checks and provides signposting to further guidance.


Read this guidance on areas requiring checks

Fire Safety

This guidance includes links to an example fire safety checklist, fire safety action plan and fire safety risk management document.


More information on fire safety

Site Maintenance and Compliance

Guidance on managing asbestos, water at risk of legionella, tree safety guidelines and falls from a height.


Read the guidance on site maintenance

Managing Contractors Working On Scout Premises

If you are using contractors to work on your event then you have responsibilities to ensure they operate safely – for their sake and for that of others involved.


Learn how to manage contractors working on Scout premises

Incident Reporting

Where a premises is a place of work any incidents need to be reported to the HSE (Health and Safety Executive).



Learn more about emergencies and reporting

Safe Scouting Premises Audit

This tool will help those responsible for Scout premises to keep them safe, linking to relevant guidance and support where required.

A handy tool for checking everything is in place to keep your premises safe