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Maintenance and compliance

Managing Asbestos

This guidance aims to clarify and standardise the approach in the way Scouting manages asbestos and Asbestos Containing Materials (ACMs). In Scouting we have a moral and legal duty to manage the ACMs in our buildings and to protect all our Members, visitors and users from exposure.

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Managing water risk of legionella

If you have a building with accommodation and showers, especially a campsite or activity centre you should have some controls to reduce your user’s exposure to the risk of Legionella. This guidance provides information and an example management plan for you to customise to record your management process.

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Tree Safety Guidelines

These guidelines are intended for persons responsible for Scout campsites or other Scouting premises where there are trees. The general principles apply where property can possibly be damaged by a falling tree or limb.

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Safely working at a height

Many activities in Scouting, particularly those relating to maintenance on buildings such as Scout Headquarters and Campsites, involve some type of work at height. Other risky areas might include setting up activities, pioneering projects or even preparing for a fundraising fete.

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Example premises compliance checklist

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