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Lifting and Carrying

Lifting and Carrying

Most Scout premises are packed with equipment of all sizes and shapes. Both leaders and young people are at risk from trying to carry or move items, whether in the HQ or even at camp.

For example, it is so often the youngest Cub or patrol member that gets sent off to fill a large water carrier; or the largest of patrol tents that we only use once a year goes on the top shelf in the store, out of the way.

Where possible, break loads down to make them lighter and easier to move. Make sure they are packed into boxes or bags to be more secure. Use a trolley or wheelbarrow if you have one or simply get more people to help. Perhaps invest in some smaller water carriers and fill them more often.

Whilst much of this leaflet relates to workplaces it is also full of common sense we can apply to our Scout premises and much we can pass on to the young people in our care to benefit them for life