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Fire Safety

Fire Safety

There is a requirement in law to risk assess all nondomestic premises for fire safety. This can be included within the main premises risk assessment. Further guidance is found in Fire Safety. Additional documents to assist you through the whole process are also on

These include: examples of Fire Safety Checklist; Action Points List; Fire Risk Assessment Management Document.

Ensure you have a robust system for raising the alarm and evacuating the building in the event of fire. Practice it with all the leaders and young people once a term. If staying overnight in a premises also consider the consequences of a fire going undetected.

Keep good records of alarm testing, alarm servicing, evacuation drills and maintenance of fire-fighting equipment. Remember – fire extinguishers need to be kept in ready condition and are NOT doorstops!

If you rent the use of a meeting place, ensure that your landlord has this in place and ask to see a copy. Add to it any considerations for Scouting activity where it may vary from other use.

Maintenance and compliance – Fire Safety

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