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Welcoming Cubs and moving on

Welcoming new Cubs and preparing to say goodbye to the older ones are both really important times for Scouts, so we’ve got advice and activities to help.

Advice for leaders

Supporting activities

Welcoming new faces? Investing new Cubs into your Pack? Preparing to say goodbye? We’ve got an activity for that. You can find even more activities using our activity finder.

For support adapting activities during COVID-19 check out our guidance on adapting activities to work online and at home.

Share your online ceremony examples with us

Marking these occasions while online can be tricky. We would love to hear how you've been doing this so we can share it across the nations. If you've found a great way to do this please let us know below.

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New Cubs can work towards their Membership Award by going to meetings, getting to know other Cubs, and learning about their Pack.

Cubs out the Membership Award >

By moving on to Scouts and going to some meetings, Cubs can earn one last badge: the Cubs Moving On Award. This can help support those who are getting ready to say goodbye to their Pack.

Cubs Moving On Award >

Investing a Cub

Welcoming a new Cub to the Pack is important – and everyone’s excited for the first time they make their Promise.

Ages: 8 to 10 1/2 | Takes: 15 minutes

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Virtual guess who

Turn your online meeting into a game board, then narrow down your options before you guess who.

Ages: 8 to 10 1/2 | Takes: 20 minutes

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Virtual hide and seek

Test your group’s online observation with some fast-paced, high-tech hiding and seeking.

Ages: 8 to 10 1/2 | Takes: 10 minutes

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Moving on from Cubs to Scouts

A moving on ceremony is an exciting time to celebrate moving from a Cub Pack to a Scout Troop.

Ages: 8 to 10 1/2 | Takes: 10 minutes

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