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Cubs Team Leader Challenge Award

Cubs Team Leader Challenge Award

Every team needs a leader to make things happen. Share your skills with others and make sure the voice of each and every Cub is heard.

Do these tasks over at least three months

  1. Lead your Six in an activity or captain a team.
  2. Help a new Cub to join in with the Pack meeting.
  3. Teach another Cub a new skill.
  4. Ask your Six or team what they want to do in Cubs, tell your leaders and help to make sure that it happens.


  • This award is for everyone to show how they’re a good leader (and how they’re going to become a great one), not just Sixers or Seconders. Leadership is about much more than wearing Sixer or Seconder Leadership Stripes.
  • You might want to chat with everyone about what they think makes a good leader before people get stuck in.
  • Each activity you do can only count towards one requirement of the Team Leader Challenge Award.
  • How you teach your skill is up to you; it doesn’t matter whether you chat, write, draw, or demonstrate. Think about how volunteers teach you skills – what works best?

January 2015.

Requirements can be adapted to suit each young persons abilities. See our guidance on flexibility.

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