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Cubs Team Leader Challenge Award

Cubs Team Leader Challenge Award

Every team needs a leader to make things happen. Share your skills with others and make sure the voice of each and every Cub is heard.

Do these tasks over at least three months:

  1. Lead your Six in an activity or captain a team.
  2. Help a new Cub to join in with the Pack meeting.
  3. Teach another Cub a new skill.
  4. Ask your Six or team what they want to do in Cubs, tell your leaders and help to make sure that it happens.


  • This award is for everyone to show how they’re a good leader (and how they’re going to become a great one), not just Sixers or Seconders. Leadership is about much more than wearing Sixer or Seconder Leadership Stripes.
  • You might want to chat with everyone about what they think makes a good leader before people get stuck in.
  • Each activity you do can only count towards one requirement of the Team Leader Challenge Award.
  • How you teach your skill is up to you; it doesn’t matter whether you chat, write, draw, or demonstrate. Think about how volunteers teach you skills – what works best?

January 2015.

Requirements can be adapted to suit each young persons abilities. See our guidance on flexibility.

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