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Volunteering at Scouts is changing to help us reach more young people

Volunteering is changing to help us reach more young people

Volunteering is changing at Scouts. Read more

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April 2024

Find activity ideas for occasions and events in April.

Find inspiration for occasions and events to plan into your programme in April. You can view the PDF version of our April calendar or find even more ideas on this page. 

Illustrated calendar for April 2024 in grid format
  • National Stress Awareness Month (April)
  • April Fool’s Day (Monday 1 April)
  • World Autism Awareness Day (Tuesday 2 April) 
  • Read a Road Map Day (Friday 5 April)
  • World Health Day (Sunday 7 April)
  • International Beaver Day (Sunday 7 April)
  • Eid al-Fitr (expected either Tuesday 9 April or Wednesday 10 April) 
  • National Pet Day (Thursday 11 April)
  • Vaisakhi (Saturday 13 April) 
  • World Art Day (Monday 15 April)
  • World Circus Day (Saturday 20 April) 
  • Passover (Monday 22 April to Tuesday 30 April) 
  • Earth Day (Monday 22 April)
  • St George’s Day (Tuesday 23 April)  
  • Stop Food Waste Day (Wednesday 26 April)
  • Morse Code Day (Saturday 27 April)
  • International Dance Day (Monday 29 April)

National Stress Awareness Month (April)

Learn about the causes for stress and how to cope with life's pressures. We have loads of healthy lifestyle activities to choose from.

Activities to try:

April Fool’s Day (1 April)

Try not to get fooled on this day of practical jokes.

Activities to try:

World Autism Acceptance Week (2 - 8 April)

Developed from World Autism Awareness Day (2 April). Help everyone feel welcome and valued at Scouts by learning about autism and how we can create a more inclusive world. 

Activities to try:

Read a Road Map Day (5 April)

Challenge your map reading skills.

Activities to try:

World Health Day (7 April)

This celebration is hosted by the World Health Organisation (WHO) to help tackle health challenges, both now and in the future. Learn more about promoting a healthy lifestyle with your young people. 

Activities to try:

International Beaver Day (7 April)

Get outside and den build, just like a Beaver. Why not take a moment to celebrate our Beaver Scouts too?

Activities to try:

Eid al-Fitr (expected either 9 April or 10 April)

Eid al-Fitr is an Islamic celebration which marks the end of the month-long dawn-to-sunset fasting of Ramadan.

Activities to try:

National Pet Day (11 April)

Give your pet some extra love in this day that is all about celebrating our animal pals! 

Activities to try: 

Vaisakhi (13 April)

Get involved with the Sikh festival of Vaisakhi (also known as Baisakhi) which celebrates the founding of the Sikh community. Find out more about Vaisakhi in our blog.

Activities to try:

World Art Day (15 April)

Cultivate you artistic tendencies on World Art Day.

Activities to try:

World Circus Day (20 April)

World Circus Day celebrates circus creators, performers and artists. 

Activities to try:

Passover (22 - 30 April)

During Passover, Jews remember a time when their ancestors escaped from slavery, and celebrate freedom. Families get together for a special meal called the Seder.

Activities to try:

  • Make matzah or matzo, a type of flat bread eaten during Passover
  • Plan a visit to a synagogue with Sacred sites
  • Explore how someone puts their faith into practice with Faith feathers

Earth Day (22 April)

Show your support for environmental protection by doing something good for the planet. There's a new badge available to buy from Scout Store, too. 

Activities to try:

St George’s Day (23 April)

Celebrate Scout's patron saint by bringing people together and promoting Scouts in your community. Learn more about celebrating St George's Day here. You can mark the occasion with a blanket badge from Scout Store, too.

Activities to try:

Stop Food Waste Day (24 April)

Take action to fight against food waste.

Activities to try:

Morse Code Day (27 April)

This day commemorates the birthday of the co-inventor of Morse Code, Samuel Morse. Challenge yourself and learn a new skill.

Activities to try:

World Bath Bomb Day (27 April)

Bath bomb day celebrates self-care and relaxation with the use of bath bombs.

Activities to try:

International Dance Day (29 April)

Celebrate dance and bring people together.

Activities to try