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Self-health challenge

How will you handle your new healthy habit? Track your behaviour across the week and see how many boxes you tick.
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You will need

  • Pens or pencils
Health challenge planner
PDF – 82.8KB

Pre-challenge checks

  • The person leading the activity should make sure that there are enough copies of the ‘Health challenge planner.’ There should be one for each person in the group.

Challenge yourself

  1. The person leading the activity should give out the ‘Health challenge planner’ sheets and a pen or pencil to everyone in the group. Everyone should write their names on their sheet.
  2. Everyone should look at the ‘Health challenge planner’ and pick one ‘Challenge’ from each of the ‘Try something new,’ ‘Achieve the recommendations’ and ‘Excel beyond’ sections. They should tick the ‘Tick your challenges’ boxes next to the challenges that they’ve chosen.
  3. Everyone should then think of another healthy habit that they can try for each section. If they can, each person should think of something new (that they’ve never done before), something that’s recommended (for example, eating five fruit or vegetables every day) and something that goes the extra mile in the quest for health!
  1. The person leading the activity should make their way around the group as they are choosing their own healthy habits. Everyone should agree with the person leading the activity a set day or days on which they’ll complete this challenge during the week.
  1. Throughout the week, everyone should try to complete their challenges. If they complete their challenges for a day, they should put a tick in the box under that day on the ‘Self-health challenge planner’.


The group have set themselves healthy challenges to complete in the coming week or weeks. What difference might it make to your lifestyle if you added one or two healthy habits to your daily routine? Why is it important to have balance in your lifestyle, including in what you eat, drink and do? Did using the planner make it easier to remember to do something healthy?

One section of the planner was for new challenges. Does anyone already do any of the things in the ‘Try something new’ section? Who picked something that they usually struggle to remember to do? Did using the planner make it easier to remember to do something new? 


Active games

The game area should be free of hazards. Explain the rules of the game clearly and have a clear way to communicate that the game must stop when needed.


Check for allergies before you begin. Make sure you have suitable areas for storing and preparing food and avoid cross contamination of different foods.

All activities must be safely managed. Do a risk assessment and take appropriate steps to reduce risk. Always get approval for the activity and have suitable supervision and an InTouch process.

Make it accessible

All Scout activities should be inclusive and accessible.