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(FS120075) InTouch is the system that helps you to communicate at all Scout activities and events. It's flexible and lets Groups and Sections work out the best way to keep in touch during these activities.


Published April 2020 replacing March 2015

This includes a step-by-step approach guiding you through the process of setting up an InTouch system as well further guidance on areas and issues to look at within this and suggestions on how these can be managed.



Whenever any activity, event or meeting is run within Scouting it is a requirement that an InTouch system is put in place (POR 9.3).  This is to ensure:

  • everyone involved is aware of how communication will take place between Leaders, participants, and those not on the event
  •  there are details of who is present should anything go wrong, and there is a system in place in the event of an emergency.

The procedures put in place to ensure this are likely to vary at different types of events due to the differing circumstances and needs. To facilitate this InTouch is a process that you must follow to ensure that everyone is clear as to what will be put in place for every Scouting event.

When to use

As the reasons for having InTouch remain the same for all types of activities and events, an InTouch system needs to be in place for every event or activity within Scouting. This is the case from the regular weekly meeting through to the multiple-week international expedition, from the Beaver Scout games evening to the Scout Active Support residential. Naturally these examples are likely to use very different procedures, but they all need to go through the process and define what procedures they will be using.



  • ‘Leaders’ refers to those running an event, or those responsible for an event but not present.
  • ‘Parents’ refers to parents, guardians and next of kin.
  • ‘Participants’ refers to young people taking part in an activity.
  • ‘Meeting Place’ refers to the regular building or location a section, Group, or Unit meet in.

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Appendix 1

Here are some examples of the different types of InTouch system that should be set up for different events. They are included to demonstrate best practice in Scouting.