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Data Retention Policy

October 2020


This is the Data Retention Policy of The Scout Association, by which we mean, the Association is the national charity (306101) and its subsidiary companies. This includes all operations (e.g. Scout Shops, Scout Adventure Centres etc.) for which the Board is directly responsible. For clarity, this policy does not include the movement data retention provision.

The purpose of this policy is to specify The Scout Association's (“TSA”) guidelines for retaining different types of data and for how long. TSA includes the subsidiaries of Scout Store, Scout Adventures, World Scout Shop, Scout Insurance Guernsey and Unity Insurance Services.


Annex A - Retention periods

The following retention periods are analysed into the categories of data held within TSA,
these are as follows:

The retention period is applicable at the point where the relationship has finished, for example where a member has left the organisation.