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Volunteering at Scouts is changing to help us reach more young people

Volunteering is changing to help us reach more young people

Volunteering is changing at Scouts. Read more

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Activity information form

This form is a great template to give to parents/carers to share information and obtain their permission for activities, outings and nights away.

FS120081 (Published January 2019, replacing version September 2018)

What’s the activity information form?

This activity information form has been drafted to help adult volunteers. It should provide a template on what information needs to given to parents and carers, as well as gaining parent and carer consent for activities and outings, including nights away events.

It also provides the volunteer team with important and up-dated information regarding the young person.

The nature of activities and outings will vary, from a trip to the zoo for Beaver Scouts and night hikes for Explorer Scouts. Therefore, some changes may be necessary to the type of information that's requested.

To allow flexibility, this form is provided as a Microsoft Word document, allowing you to add, delete and amend information, as is required for each activity or outing.

It's recommended you keep a copy of each form you've sent out to remind you of the information you've given.

How to use this form

To add information to the activity information form then, before printing, simply click on each grey box and type the information you need.

The area under ‘Activity Information Form’ is there to allow you to add the name of the relevant Group / Section.

If you type more than one line in a box, it'll expand to include all the information, however you may wish to change the spacing at other points to make sure all the information still fits on the page.

Alternatively you can print the form as it is and fill in the details by hand. The grey boxes you see online will not show when printed.

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Specific activity rules and guidance

Some activities have specific rules and guidance. You should check whether these apply by looking at the Activities A-Z.

Setting up an InTouch system

InTouch is the system that helps you to communicate at all Scout activities and events, including your weekly meetings. It's flexible and lets Groups and Sections work out the best way to keep in touch.

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