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Growth and Restart support guide

Check out these key online resources to help grow or restart your section or group

Here are some of the key resources that we recommend you give a go when you are restarting or growing Scouts in your area. See which resources would fit your needs best. You will find that each tool is accompanied by a handy bite-sized how-to video as well as some helpful hints and tips.  

4 Week Challenge 

The Four Week Challenge is a gradual introduction to Scouting to show new volunteers how much fun it can be.   

Adult Talk 

Getting a bunch of adults in a room and talking to them about the fun we have at Scouts, can be all you need to do to get them on your team.  

Open events 

Open events are an opportunity to drop in and see what scouts is like.  

Recruitment events 

Hosting a get-together is a great way to get your existing parents and local people through the door and turn them into get-up-and-go-ers' for your Group. 

School Assemblies 

You might want to use a school visit to invite young people to an open event you’re holding. 

Community Links 

Playing our part at the heart of the community has always been core to what we do as Scouts.

Explorers taking part in teambuilding activity