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Stage 1 - Assess the need

Thinking about creating opportunities for more young people to experience Scouts is exciting but it’s important to think about what the actual need in your community is. If you have a waiting list, ask yourself why. Have a really good think about your local area. How many young people are there? How many are already part of Scouts and how many aren’t? Look at a map of your area. Where are the Scout Groups meeting and how many Groups are there? Where do the young people live and go to school/college and is there a Scout Group nearby?  Have there been any new housing estates or schools built locally? More housing or schools means more young people who might want to join. 

Considering all of this will help you to make a decision about whether or not there’s a need for more Scouting in your area.


Useful resources

  • New Provision Planning Template 
  • New Provision - Delivering New Provision (your guide)
  • Entry Exit Checklist
  • Sample New Group Checklist
  • Sample Stakeholder Meeting Agenda
  • Project Proposal Template 1

What next?

Talk to your team, your DC and if you have one in your Region, the Assistant Regional Commissioner for Growth (ARC Growth). Make sure everyone involved agrees that there’s a need. 

You could create a proposal to share with your team. Work together to create a plan for what you want to achieve. Don’t forget to include key dates, potential costs and how many people you’ll need to support you. Building a team and allocating tasks is important. 

Once you have completed this stage move on to Stage 2: Making Scouts visible