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Stage 3 - Recruit young people

Stage 3 - Recruit young people

We often shy away from approaching young people until we have enough volunteers but volunteer and youth recruitment go hand-in-hand.  

Every young person we welcome into Scouts brings at least one adult with them. We need to show them volunteering is easy and that Scouts has lots to offer them too.

You’ve already done a great job making Scouts visible in the community. Now it’s time to plan your open event and show the community what Scouts is all about.

Open events are:

  • Drop-in evenings which take place at the same time and place as your usual Scout meetings
  • Usually no longer than two hours
  • Showcase Scout activities in a casual, easy-going and accessible way
  • The perfect opportunity for young people and their families to have a go at Scouts together.

Check out our Open Events pages for more information. Stage 4 explains how to recruit volunteers.