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Training Requirements

Training Requirements

The Training Requirements section is used to help identify the training requirements relevant for each role in Scouting. There are three resources that can be used:

Module Matrix

The Module Matrix provides a summary of the modules that make up the Adult Training Scheme. The Module Matrix is colour coded to give an indication of the types of roles likely to benefit from the training. The matrix is only a summary though and you should refer to the Minimum Training Requirements section that follows for more information on the training requirements for specific roles.

Click to view the full Module Matrix.

Minimum training requirements

The minimum training requirements for each role is outlined in this section including the additional modules that some roles are required to complete.

Change of role information

This section outlines which training modules require revalidation when a volunteer changes role within Scouting. If a volunteer has already completed some training under the current Adult Training Scheme and are changing roles, there are certain modules that they will need to revalidate in their new role, whereas other do not require revalidation if they have been completed before.

Training Requirements

The minimum module requirements for the different roles in The Scouts are shown below. You're encouraged to look at other modules that may be relevant to your role but do not make up the minimum requirements for your appointment. These modules may be completed in addition to the minimum requirements, or as ongoing learning. For ease of reference, the modules are referred to in colour groups relating to the Module Matrix.

For appointments in Groups 1 and 2 a defined Wood Badge route is not available. However, you may, if you choose to, create a Wood Badge route in agreement with your County Training Manager. If you do this, it is important to make sure that all the modules can be validated within your current role in Scouting.

Change of role

It's not unusual for an adult to change roles in Scouting to ensure they have the correct skills and knowledge they may need to revalidate certain training modules. If an adult has completed their training under the current Adult Training Scheme and are changing roles, it may not be necessary for them to re-validate certain modules because they have completed them previously.

Each module on the following pages has a ‘change of role’ box. A tick means that the learner needs to validate the module again in their new role and a cross means that they do not. In some cases, the need to re-validate will depend on which role the learner is moving from and to. Roles are split into three categories:

  • Section Leader (anyone working in a section)
  • Manager (Group Scout Leader, District Commissioner, County Commissioner, County Training Manager, District Explorer Scout Commissioner etc.)
  • Supporter (Assistant District/County Commissioner)

The table below shows which training will require revalidation when a volunteer changes role within Scouting.