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Welcome to the Training Adviser’s Guide

This guide introduces the role and responsibilities of a Training Adviser and acts as a reference for key aspects of the role. It is a tool for Training Advisers to help you support learners through the Adult Training Scheme.

There is a separate Training Adviser’s Guide for Managers and Supporters. This Guide will focus on learners who are not taking on a Manager or Supporter role.

What does the guide contain?

The Training Adviser’s Guide contains guidance on the Training Adviser’s role. The guide also provides copies of the forms that you will require to record the plans made with the learner. The validation requirements for the modules in the scheme are included towards the end of this resource. There are also some questions to help you check the learner’s knowledge and understanding.

How to use the guide

It's important to read the guide thoroughly. It provides information on the responsibilities of the role and gives you useful advice for carrying out your responsibilities. It's a tool to help you work though  the scheme with learners to agree learning requirements and validation methods.

Preliminary reading

The guide does not explain The Scouts’ Adult Training Scheme in any detail and assumes some knowledge of the way in which the scheme is organised and delivered. Further information can be found in the resource the Adult Training Scheme.

It would also be beneficial for you to be familiar with the Adult’s Personal File for Section Leaders and the Adult’s Personal File for Non-Wood Badge Appointments. The learners that you work with should have a copy of the relevant guide and each guide contains useful guidance and information on the Adult Training Scheme and the training that they need to complete as part of their role. It also outlines the validation requirements for the modules in the Adult Training Scheme and includes charts for you and for learners to work through to assess their existing knowledge.