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What is a Training Adviser?

What is a Training Adviser?

Where do Training Advisers fit in?

The key role of a Training Adviser is to support a learner through The Scouts’ Adult Training Scheme. You will work with a learner up to the award of the Wood Badge to ensure they have the skills, knowledge and attitudes they need to be effective in their Scouting role.

A Training Adviser is responsible to either a Local or County/Area Training Manager depending on the management structure of their County/Area. In Scotland most Training Advisers are responsible to the Assistant District Commissioner (Adult Training). Like most Scouting roles, the appointment has training requirements of its own (see below).

What does a Training Adviser do?

A Training Adviser performs several tasks including:

  • Meeting learners joining the Adult Training Scheme and explaining the scheme to them
  • Helping each learner put together a Personal Learning Plan and agreeing it with them
  • Providing support to the learner as required and reviewing their progress with them on a regular basis
  • Validating the training with the learner to ensure that they can put their learning into practice in their role.
  • Maintaining records and informing the Training Manager of the learner’s progress
  • Recommending the award of the Wood Badge to the Training Manager.

You are also likely to meet with other Training Advisers and Training Managers to discuss progress and good practice, consider items of concern, keep informed of local training opportunities and make plans for developing the support offered to learners.

It may also be useful for you to review the generic Training Adviser role description. Your role description may differ slightly depending on what you have agreed with your line manager. If you don't have a role description, speak to your line manager.

What skills and knowledge do I need to be a Training Adviser?

In order to explain things to an adult new to Scouting, you will need a basic understanding of Scouting and how the Adult Training Scheme works. You can find information about the basics of Scouting in the training module Essential Information (01), or by speaking to your line manager.

You will also need to know, or be prepared to learn:

  • What modules make up the training scheme
  • How training operates in your area
  • Local administration procedures
  • How to use Compass to record learning

What training do I need?

You will have to validate the training for Essential Information (01) and Assessing Learning (25). For more information, contact your Training Manager.