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17: Running Safe Activities

This module aims to enable adults to plan and run exciting, safe and developmental activities for the young people in their section.

Topics covered:

  • Importance of activities in a Balanced Programme
  • Planning and carrying out activities
  • Permits
  • Risk assessment
  • Leader in charge


The workbook has been designed for you to do your own individual study. It's editable so you can fill in the text boxes and save them to your computer, or you can print them off and fill them in by hand.

Download the workbook


This short video clip outlines the risk assessment process. This includes completing, communicating, acting upon and reviewing a risk assessment.

This short video clip explains the procedure to follow if an accident or incident does occur during Scouting and how to ensure that it is correctly reported.

This short video clip outlines the InTouch process used within Scouting.