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18: Practical Skills

Who is Practical Skills for?

This module is for Section Leaders and Section Supporters in Scouting wishing to train, coach or otherwise help young people and adults develop practical skills. It requires participants to gain at least two new practical skills of their own.

What does this module contain?

The module contains approximately two hours of learning that may be managed in a wide variety of ways.

How is this module validated?

The validation of this module is based on the individual’s ability to meet the validation criteria, as set out in the Training Adviser’s Guide and the Adult’s Personal File. This means that the adult will be required to demonstrate that they have gained or developed two practical skills and that they can instruct or demonstrate practical skills to others.

What information is provided?

The module contains objectives that relate to personally gaining or developing practical skills, understanding methods of training and demonstrating practical skills to others.

The objectives for the module are given followed by training methods. The content is given in outline with the key points expanded in more detail. Trainer’s notes are also given to provide guidance on methods or other key points.

The information is not however a script for the session. Prior knowledge and/or research of the subject matter by the Trainer will be required before delivery of the training.

Session details

1. Teaching practical skills – the theory (0:20)

2. Teaching practical skills – the practice (1:40)

Depending on the number and nature of the participants and staff, these sessions may need to be preceded by introduction and/or integration sessions.

Planning considerations

Module 18, Practical Skills is a compulsory module for Section Leaders and Section Supporters. The learners for this module may have various roles and levels of experience within Scouting. Some will be adults taking on a Warranted role or Appointment. Others may be either new to Scouting or changing roles.

If the module is to be delivered as written, participants will need to undertake some pre-module preparation. In particular they will be required to bring with them to the session, the equipment, materials and other resources necessary to demonstrate a practical skill of their choice to another participant (see Handout A). Where possible it would be preferable to deliver session one at a different training event from session two. This
would enable the participants to incorporate the learning from session one into their preparations for session two.

Other methods of delivering this module are possible. In particular, it may be advantageous to incorporate session one into a local skills day as a base. This would also give participants the opportunity to gain the two necessary practical skills.

If both sessions are being delivered at the same event, check before the module commences that each participant has brought with them the equipment, materials and any other resources necessary to demonstrate a practical skill (see Handout A). If the sessions are being delivered at separate events, this check should be made before the start of session two

Practical skills

Session 1: Teaching practical skills – the theory

Session 2: Teaching practical skills – the practise