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New to Scouts?

We’re open to all, not just existing members, if you are 18 to 25, get started today. It’s free and there is no adult training required to be a Scout Network member.

How it works

Whether you’re organising a local meet-up or a once in a lifetime trip to the Amazon, it’s all about working together to build new skills, seek out new experiences and make a difference in the world. 

Network groups are flexibly run and self-led. Members can create profiles on Social Media using the platform to meet others with similar goals and share their progress, members can also work towards a number of Top Awards. 

Members manage their own journey, organising their own projects with the support of a District Scout Network Commissioner and Programme Coordinator (if one is in place). Throughout their journey, they might also interact with Assistant County Commissioners (Network) – who assist with Network activity throughout the wider County – and the UK Scout Network Commissioner, who oversees Network activity across the whole of the UK.



Meeting up with your Network

Local arrangements will vary. Network members don’t necessarily meet every week. Some might meet a few times a year to complete a single project together. Others might dive into lots of different projects at once, or meet locally more regularly. Like any activity in Scouts, choice of venue must be a considered and take into account suitability for the type of meeting and the members that will be attending that meeting.

Finding a group

Your District Scout Network Commissioner is your first port of call. If you don't have one in your district, your District Commissioner is the next person to ask. For more information on joining, head over to the UK Scout Network facebook page or the UKSNC Twitter.

Scout Network members can also hold adult appointments. So you can be a Leader and be part of Network.

British Scouting Overseas has one Scout Network for all Districts

If you're part of a British Scouting Overseas District, you're  part of UK Scouting and are eligible to join the UK Scout Network. 

If you're based in a country which is not a member of British Scouting Overseas then unfortunately you will need to seek out other Scouting opportunities in the country that you reside.


You can achieve the following top awards, Chief Scout Diamond Award, Queen's Scout Award, Explorer Belt and Scouts of the World Award.

Digital Network badges can be downloaded from the Scout brand centre.

Check out the awards section


Network members wear a stone shirt or blouse with an added Scout Network uniform badge.

Learn more about the uniform
Next steps, post 25

Eventually, it’ll be time embrace your next big adventure. Speak to your District Scout Network Commissioner who will be able to help you explore all the local opportunities available to you. 

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