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Role of Programme Coordinator

Role of Programme Coordinator

The role of a Programme Coordinator

An informal role to assist District Scout Network Commissioners in ensuring participation in the programme, particularly with regard to projects. It's anticipated that this role is fulfilled by members from within the Scout Network although provision is made for people over the age of 25 to take on this role, but as a District Scout Member.

As it's not an Adult Appointment, there are no official training requirements. 

Programme Coordinator managing projects

Members manage the projects and events, Programme Coordinators are there to support this with experience. The Programme Coordinator is not a project coordinator. They are there to support Members of the District Scout Network in shaping their projects and participation in the programme so that they get the most out of their time in the Scout Network.

Number of Programme Coordinators in a District

The number of Programme Coordinators will depend on the functions that are needed to successfully support the District Network section. The District Scout Network Commissioner and District Commissioner should discuss the number of coordinators needed.

The Programme Coordinator

The role is about advice and guidance which is best done through conversation.