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Projects and events

The Scout Network programme is based around projects and events, and many people have been asking what is meant by these terms and what's the difference, here we explain.

Projects and events both require a group of people to come together with the common purpose of achieving something worthwhile. Both projects and events will have at least one element of them built around the Scout method and educational objectives but most importantly they will be:

  • Youth Led and Youth Driven
  • Challenging - offering young adults opportunities to extend themselves beyond their current horizons – both as a group and as an individual
  • Rewarding and enjoyable
  • and for projects, have a lasting impact, or an objective beyond the immediate team.
An event

An event is a single activity that may take place at a given time. It could be repeated but there is no link between repeated occurrences.
Example activities:

  • Climbing Session
  • Speaker from an NGO discussing a topic
  • Social evening to go bowling
  • International cooking evening

Of course, running an event may give you ideas for a larger project, also projects may culminate in an event for members to participate in. Do not worry too much about your ideas being called events or projects – just get on with planning them!

A project

a.   A project is a series of tasks, planned from beginning to end.
b.   A project is bounded by time, resources and a required result/outcome.
c.   A project should have an impact beyond the immediate project group

Example projects:

  • Community – Supporting a Local school for learning young people with learning difficulties to remodel their sensory garden,
  • Adventure – A hillwalking weekend in the Peak District
  • International – Forging links with Scouts in your twin-town culminating in home hospitality visits for both groups.

Projects can run across multiple Districts, but there should be agreement between the District Scout Network Commissioners, with one of the District Scout Networks taking primary responsibility – being the ‘host’.

Request for your Network event to be hosted on our website

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Note: For this event to feature on the website, this form must be completed at least two weeks prior to the event taking place. We're only able to promote regional or national Network events.

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