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District Scout Networks

District Scout Networks

Every District should have only one District Scout Network. We believe that this'll make the pathway from Explorer Scouts to Scout Network clearer, as well as providing one point of contact for those seeking to join Scout Network from outside of Scouts. 

Network Section now at District level and not County: During research that was carried out for the Programme Review, 12,000 members told us that they wanted a Section that's flexible and run predominantly at local level. There was also appetite for a national offering for those who have a lifestyle that changes, such as students and apprentices. There was also support for a clear programme and one that recognises participation for people within the age range.

Air and Sea Scouts

Scout Network members involved in Air Scouting or Sea Scouting are Members of the District Scout Network, just like all other young adults aged 18 to 25. Given the specific interests in air and sea activities, these Scout Network members may focus their activities through projects related to air and sea. They can continue to wear the Air and Sea Scout Network uniform.

District Scout Network scarf/badge

There's a Scout Network uniform badge and scarf that everyone in Scout Network can wear as part of the uniform, regardless of where they come from. Further information in POR rule 10.27.

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